Knit Cable Smart Phone Cover

I have a new 100% wool hand knit smart phone cover that I made in the shop. Made from dove grey wool, the phone cover features cables on the front and back and tab button closure at the top. Pattern coming soon!

I have some more exciting news to share this week… stay tuned!

x Rena


Sneak Peek

Animal, vegetable or mineral?

I’ve been busy working on a project and I have a few teaser photos to share. I thought to myself, Self, you can’t possibly make that. And then I thought, why not? And so the project unfolded and it’s going very well, I’m happy to share.

There is seed stitch…

…and stockinette stitch.

Can you guess what I’m making? I promise that the pattern will be available very soon.

x Rena

Sage Woodland Hood: New Knitting Pattern

Sage Woodland Hood PDF knitting pattern by The Red Fox and Gown.

I’m excited to announce that the Sage Woodland Hood PDF pattern by The Red Fox and Gown is now available on both Ravelry and Etsy. Ravelry provides an immediate download while with Etsy I will e-mail you the pattern within 24 hours of purchase. I must say I’m amazed to see this in one of the top ‘Hot Right Now’ patterns on Ravelry.

Full view of the Sage Woodland Hood.

I had a great deal of fun designing this bulky knit hood. It was so tough to keep this hush hush while in the development phase because I was keen to share! I wanted something cozy to keep the ears warm and a transitional piece perfect for fall and winter. I can totally see myself wearing this with a vest or over long sleeves while running about town. Or while prancing in the forest like a woodland creature! Or even snuggling down at home (I’m usually cold, okay? Ha.).

The peaked hood has a tassel at the top and a hand sewn toggle closure onto the front. And the adjustable back seam is perfect to custom fit to keep the nape of your neck warm.

What do you think?

x Rena

Ode to Sheep: Merino Wool

Merino ram.

Since I wrote about alpacas, it’s only fair that I write about merino wool, another favourite fibre. Merino wool, as you’ve probably guessed already, comes from merino sheep. Did you know that there’s several varieties of merino sheep, including the Saxony and Peppin? You can impress your friends with the fun trivia that you learn visiting here.

Merino is prized due to its softness,  warmth and ability to wick water. Merino wool is excellent at regulating body temperature and even has antibacterial properties thanks to the lanolin in the wool.

Merino ewes and lambs.

Another fun fact: merino wool is available in several grades based on its coarseness: strong (broad), medium, fine, super fine and ultra fine. Ultra fine can be blended with luxury fibres such as cashmere or silk to produce a lightweight and highly insulating yarn.

Some of my favourite yarns are made from single ply 100% merino, including RainCityKnits and Madelinetosh. They are absolutely lovely to work with and come in a great array of colours.


And to be fair since I showed a picture of a cria at the end of the alpaca post, here is the requisite lamb photo! Enjoy the cuteness.

x Rena

September Knitting Pattern Contest

Morgan Hat pattern.

A new month and unofficially a new season has arrived. Autumn is prime time for knitting and I have a list of stuff that I want to knit and create. If only I had more hours in a day! Or knit faster, ha.

Star Slouch Hat.

To celebrate September, I think it’s time for a contest. All you need to do is e-mail me at with ‘pattern contest’ in the headline and your name and country before 1 October 2012. Easy, right? I will then randomly select the lucky winner out of the proverbial hat on 1 October 2012. I promise not to distribute or share your e-mail. Please note that I would love to name the lucky winner in a future blog post, but I will check with you to make sure that is okay with you before I do.

Edinburgh Mittens pattern.

What do you win? A PDF pattern of your choice from the Red Fox and Gown to get into the spirit of fall knitting. Or spring knitting if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere! 🙂 I’ve posted the 4 current patterns on this page so you can see what I have on offer. I’ll e-mail the pattern as soon as you let me know which one you like. And that’s it!

English Rose Hat pattern.

Sounds like fun, right? The email address again is

x Rena