Knitting Update

meow retake 1

Hello again and apologies for the radio silence. Life over the past couple of years or so had taken me away from knitting and designing patterns due to various shenanigans. But, at last, I’m pulling back the cobwebs and here am I again.

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning around The Red Fox and Gown website and giving the website and social media a much-needed make-over. So yes, you’re in the right place. On Ravelry, you can find me under Rena Greyson. And I’m still on Etsy with The Red Fox And Gown shop. And you can find me online through the social media links on this blog.

So what all is in the works? Well, some of the patterns are in the process of getting some updated pics, like the Meow Hat above, and some minor updates behind the scenes.

And there’s two pattern releases coming up over the next couple of months, and some other cool stuff, I promise.


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