Part Two: Phone Cosies with Buttons!

Kitty smart phone cosy, available here.

Smart phone cosy with red button with flowers, available here.


So I knit up a couple of phone cosies and test drove my new buttons! It was a great deal of fun picking out which button to go with which cosy. And there’s lots of choices. I haven’t even hit up the gingham or striped or polka dot fabric yet. I think the cosies look great with the covered buttons. Which one do you like?

The original cozy with matte grey half pearl button, available here.

x Rena



My new crop of custom covered buttons.

I have a new addiction as of today – fabric covered buttons! I went to the fabric store to get some buttons for the new cabled phone cozies and for the upcoming mug cozy too. I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to cover buttons in fun fabrics… and so I did!



Lady bug / lady bird.


Fresh button crop.

I have a kitty cat, lady bug / lady bird, little flowers, rose and bunny so far! This is way too fun. I’ll post up a finished cozy very soon with a new covered button!

x Rena