A Global Thank You


Hi foxes! Wow, this giveaway is real hit, I’m happy to report. From Bangalore to Bonn, Manchester to Madrid, Las Vegas and so many more, patterns from The Red Fox and Gown are finding good homes. I very much appreciate the notes and comments sent to me via Ravelry. Although I couldn’t reply to everyone, believe me that I’m ridiculously pleased to hear from you and that I appreciate the time taken out of your busy days to write. I’m glad that knitting can unite people like this! Thank you, as always, for your interest and support! It means a lot to me.

As a new designer, I’m usually working on my own, so it is very exciting and helpful to get feedback from you. Notes, Ravelry pm’s, comments on pattern pages, favouriting and queuing patterns gives me information about which way to go with my designs. I always have loads of ideas and it’s interesting to see what is a hit with you. So please, keep the feedback coming and I would also love to see finished objects up on Ravelry on the pattern pages.

This is the last large scale giveaway that I will conduct. But don’t worry, there will be lots of fun still to be had. There will be the occasional promotion. But at the end of the day I also need to cover costs and earn an income so pattern purchases are always welcome! 🙂

Thank you all again! Also, if you like this blog, please follow the blog and/or Twitter (on the sidebar to the right) for more news and events.

x Rena

PS – The giveaway is still on until midnight PST. See my previous post for details.


The Red Fox and Gown Does Facebook… and a Special Offer Too!

Sage Woodland Hood


If you’re not already a Facebook fan, please join us for the shenanigans on The Red Fox and Gown Page. I have a special promotion running for the month of May for Facebook fans who like our page.

Foxy Business Hat.

The deal is 15% off all of my designs on Ravelry for the month of May… but you need to check the page out to get the details about how to get the discount. 🙂

Star Slouch Hat.

Do check out the full catalogue of The Red Fox and Gown designs here.

x Rena

Happy New Year Foxes!


Hello everyone and happy 2013 to you all! Best wishes for health, prosperity and good times in the New Year. Some of you may be regulars to the blog and others are new this year following the great Ravelry giveaway of 2013.

For those who don’t know, I had a free pattern offer on Ravelry on New Year’s Day. I was off to late start, and I decided to carry through the 2nd. I’m completely floored by the incredible response from Ravelers and I am so excited that so many people were inspired by the patterns to try them out and drop me a line to say thanks. You all are the best!

And also if you don’t know, there’s a new group for The Red Fox and Gown on Ravelry. Following the momentum of New Year’s, I’ve set up a series of knit-a-longs (KALs). Join the group to share updates about your progress, photos and more. I have plenty of news to share as the year goes on, so it’s a great place hang to know what’s happening with The Red Fox and Gown.

photo 5

One of the exciting developments is the pending release of the Foxy Business Hat. It’s really soon, I promise! Thanks to all of the lovely test knitters who have done such an incredible job (and joining the group above may give you some insider leads if you want to test future RFG designs). Now I need to get through the last round of edits and she’ll be ready, no later than 15 January, promise.

Another new thing for a New Year… I’m steeling against my natural aversion to seeing myself on video or photos, but I will kick off a video blog (I’m sure there’s a much cooler name for it) this month for your entertainment and information. I’ll cover upcoming news and designs, RFG events, reviews, random stories and even bits of history about fibre. I hope you’ll stick around and join the fun.

Red Fox and Gown – Video Podcast 1. Introduction and where to find us on the web.

x Rena