A Knitting Nook: A Home Studio Corner for Me

Latest swatches easily accessible on the bulletin board.

Today I had an intervention with the nest of paper and things that had taken over this particular corner of my home. The mess had to go to make way for the new.

I really needed / need a sane home office / knitting nook studio space for me. I promised myself that if the mess was cleaned, I would set a modest budget to buy a shelf and bulletin board. And to my amazement, I beat the mess back today. Things went where they belonged or new homes were made. Whatever wasn’t needed was out of here.

In my excitement, I actually ventured out on a Saturday afternoon to get the shelf and bulletin board on the condition that if I got them, they were going up right away, not to become one of those I’ll-do-it-later projects. And so it was, and is: a knitting studio nook for me.

And the shelf is up! The lovely skein of sock yarn is by Vancouver’s Rain City Knits (more soon about RCK).

It has everything I need at hand – computer, sketchbook, and yes, that mannequin that keeps popping up in my photos – in a 3′ by 3′ space. The latest knitting swatches from current design projects are up to christen the bulletin board. My pens, scissors and tape are organized.

A 3′ x 3′ knitting studio nook for me. Note: that’s not me on the right. She’s a friend.

In the spirit of this organization, I’m contemplating how to store the rest of my yarn hoard, which is the equivalent of a couple of banker’s boxes or so. Not so bad as hoards go – don’t worry, there’s more, but it’s in a storage unit with other things. I’m thinking I’ll tag all the partly used skeins before I forget what they are. Often those band tags end up in my sketchbook.

Right now mostly yarn is stored in plastic bags in the closet, away from cats and dust. There are various project bags about with current project on the go.

Do you have a home studio? Do you have any storage ideas that you’d like to share?

x Rena


One thought on “A Knitting Nook: A Home Studio Corner for Me

  1. agujasblog says:

    I recently posted about the baskets I use for my yarn stash. I’ve tried different methods over time and this one works for me. My baskets have Linda which keeps the yarn free from dust and light.

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