Covet: Malabrigo Silky Merino Yarn


I received an exciting package in the post last week. I love packages, especially packages full of yarn. This package didn’t disappoint. And what was in said exciting package? It was stuffed full of Malabrigo’s luxurious Silky Merino yarn. Yummy! I had to play with it immediately, a moral imperative if you will.


As you do with new yarn, I rubbed it against my cheek – soft as a cloud! Of course, I’ve never tried rubbing a cloud against my face but that’s what I imagine it would be like. The Lavanda colourway looked absolutely splendid, a new colour added to Malabrigo’s extensive colour roster for 2012/2013. Deep, dark purples to hints of dark grey to lavender. I definitely have a purple thing this spring, judging from recent yarn purchases.


I confess this isn’t my first interlude with Silky Merino. I have said yarn in Sand and Smoke as well. Love! The 51% silk, 49% merino wool sparkles under the light, all 150 yards per skein (50 grams).


I have to behave myself, show some iota of restraint. I don’t do restraint very well… but yes, restraint. I will have to wait to use this yarn. It’s in a queue for a garment to be released later this year. It’s all I can say. And maybe also that I have to release and submit a couple things before knitting the lovely Silky Merino up into its destined form by the fall.

Meanwhile, I can stack it and put on my office nook shelf to admire and inspire. That doesn’t hurt anyone one bit! Right?  I was saying something about restraint…

x Rena


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