The Red Fox and Gown Blog Gets a New Look for Spring


You might’ve noticed that something is different around here today. I think it’s a carry over from the spring cleaning and organization bug that took hold last month. I decided it was time to freshen up the blog and give her a makeover.

I wanted to keep the minimalist feel but also introduce a sidebar where you can see top posts and pages, recent posts, archives and tags to more easily navigate the site. Along the top of the blog I’ve updated the ‘About’ and ‘Designs’ sections, and added the ‘Newsletter’ and ‘Social Media’ sections.

If you choose to visit the ‘Newsletter’ section, you’ll find out how to sign up for The Red Fox and Gown’s e-mail newsletter that comes out four times a year. There’s special offers and news and other goodies.

‘Social Media’, as you may have already guessed, is all about social media. Shrewd. I have put a list there for all of you Twitter and Facebook users, Instagram and Etsy details, and last but not least, information about where to find me on Ravelry.

What do you think of the new look?

x Rena


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