Spring Fever + Design Projects


Well, I think the spring fever has hit around here. I’m in love with all the blossoming and growing things.



There’s been a flurry of cleaning and organizing on the home front, and lots of work on the design front too. I have two hat designs for upcoming release this spring. One is a Top Secret project. Since it’s Top Secret, I can’t say much. Other than I’m super excited to be working with this company, hint hint. And I’ll be able to reveal what’s going on in a few short weeks, I promise.

The other spring project is in its final stages of pattern writing. Once she’s back from the tech editor, the hat will be ready for release within the next few weeks. Here’s a sneak peek…

The Granville Hat.

The Granville Hat.

And the Granville Hat isn’t just a regular sort of hat. It’s a convertible hat. As in, the top goes down for the good weather, ha ha. Seriously, though, it does turn into a cowl…

granville 4

The hat cinches up in the back with the most rock ‘n’ roll ribbons I could find, and the ribbons dangle nicely when Granville’s in cowl form (and do you like my sheepy t-shirt?). Granville has lots of texture and it’s a quick knit too. And it’s got plenty of style for you.

I have another, bigger, not quite as Top Secret project going on. I’ll let you in on that secret. It involves a manuscript and rhymes with ‘look’. I’m working on releasing several of my designs in booklet format, which is deep in the works right now. I can’t reveal too much more than that. I’m hoping for a release this summer, if all goes well. I always expect the unexpected with bigger projects.

I’ve also got several bigger designs in the works too. I’m working on some clothing designs in the pullover department, which will hopefully start to reveal themselves by summer to you. I think most designers usually have their fingers in lots of pie, which suits me fine because I love pie. And projects.

booth fibres west 2013

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Fibres West 2013 held last month in Surrey, BC. I had a great time. There were lots of pattern sales and lots of blog readers and Ravelry followers stopped by and said kind things about my work. I was thrilled to hear, ‘Hey! I’ve seen your stuff on Ravelry!’ Awesome. You guys make me tingle, really and truly.

The only downside to the whole affair was that I caught a bugger of a cold that weekend and was laid out for about a week. But I’m mended now and back on the projects…

x Rena


2 thoughts on “Spring Fever + Design Projects

  1. Erin says:

    Nice convertible! You have good hair for hat-FO pics. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more about the book. Are you self-publishing, or…?

  2. thevintagedesignshop says:

    Thanks Erin! And thanks for the compliment about the hair, typically an unruly mop. 🙂 I’m going to self-publish this book, with lots of editorial eyes looking it over… will be posting more about it! -Rena

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